Star Gazing

If you can't ever think of anything to do when it is dark, then why not try going out on a clear night and looking up at the sky. There are many things to see such as constellations, stars, planets, the moon, and meteors or comets! There is so much to see without a telescope, but even with an amateur telescope you will have a clearer view of planets, stars, and the moon. Right now you if you live in Geneva you willbe able to see planets passing over for a few more nights. which planet depends on what time it is. If you want to know what is going to be where and at what time, I seriously recommend downloading star calc. It is amazingly detailed software that tells you where what was, is, and will be!
   So get out there and watch the stars. And who nows, you might discover something new and get to name it!
write soon, Mr.?