Making school fun.

Everyone gets bored in school. That's natural. In fact, that is what schools are for! So every now and then it is fun to play a game. There are lots of different games to play in school. You can play cards between desks or you can do Tic Tac Toe (three in a row). That is if you want to stick to boring traditional games. Now there are new, better games. My personal favorite is to see who can reach the highest altitude in the class. To play this you need two or more people. What you do is when the teacher turns around to write on the board, you quickly but quietly jump up on your chair or your desk, or if not anything high up will work. This sounds quite boring but from experience it is funny and amusing, as well as fun. If you want it to be even better then when you are as high as you want to be do a pose like a body building pose. The pose must be agreed on before the game starts though. Enjoy this game but BE CAREFUL! If you fall you WILL hurt yourself!
This just in! Don't play this game because we have been having reports of children being sent to the headmasters office! If you get into trouble or get hurt it is not our fault. Play this at your own risk. In fact... DON'T!!! 

How to make a bow and arrow

It is easy to make a bow and arrow from materials foundin the garden or the park.
The props needed are:
1. A sharp knife (for example a swiss army knife)
2. Some string (best if it is long)
3. A flexible stick (can be bought or found)
4. Some thick, stable sticks
5. Some feathers (color of choice or found)
6. Some nails (optional, so parents beware)

Step 1: First you take the long flexible stick and the knife. On each end of the stick, carve two slits opposite eachother. They needn't be deep. Then take the string and tie it tightly into the two slits at each end, cutting off the excess string. Don't bend the stick while you are tying it, keep it straight. If you bend it with the string then when you try to shoot the shot will be week or the bow could snap!  Now you have a finished bow!

Step 2: Take a stiff stick and in the thicker end, at the tip make a small slit. Then take three feathers.
Put each feather on the floor (do this outside or risk no more pocket money for a while!), then on one side of the stiff bit of each feather, place the knife. Hold the knife in place and pull the feather up. Now you should have half a feather. Do this to each feather then glue them to the end of the stick that has the slit. Now for the optional bit.If you are using the nail then tape that onto the end of the stick without the feathers. Now you have finished your arrow, too. You could make a target and put it on a tree or something and shoot at that. But be careful of people around you!

The Random Site

This website is here for random things. This could be a spur of the moment joke, or a sudden amazing business idea. From origami to making money, from great films to current affairs, all will be on this site. This website will get weekly updates (with exception of me being on vacation) and you are sure to find something to do when you are bored. So come one, come all (and tell your friends), to this sensational what to do site.